1. To the people of Kufa before proceeding for the Battle of Jamal.

  2. To the people of Kufa after the conquest of Basra.

  3. To the Qadhi of Kufa, Shurayh b. Haarith when he purchased a costly house.

  4. To one of the commanders of his army.

  5. To the hypocrite Ash'ath bin Qays when he usurped public funds.

  6. To Mu'awiya on his (Ali's) right to the caliphate.

  7. To Mu'awiya, on receiving letters from him based on hypocritical advice and false accusations.

  8. Jarir bin Abdullah Bajali was sent to Damascus. He was carrying a letter for Mu'awiya. Some delay occurred in his return. Imam Ali (a) felt anxious about his safety and wrote the following letter to him.

  9. To Mu'awiya.

  10. To Mu'awiya.

  11. Part of instructions to his marshal when Imam Ali (a) sent him to a battle.

  12. When Imam Ali (a) sent an expedition of 3000 soldiers under Ma'qil bin Qays Riyahi against the Syrians, he issued the following instructions.

  13. Instructions to two of his commanders.

  14. To his soldiers before the Battle of Siffin.

  15. His invocation to Allah whenever he faced an enemy.

  16. His advice to his followers during a battle.

  17. A reply to a letter of Mu'awiya.

  18. When Abdullah bin Abbas was the Governor of Basra,

  19. A letter to one of his governors.

  20. To Ziyad ibn Abih, who had been appointed as the Commissioner of Basra by Abdullah bin Abbas.

  21. Another letter to Ziyad ibn Abih.

  22. An advice to Abdullah b. Abbas

  23. Instructions to his family a little before his martyrdom.

  24. His Will in which he has left instructions as to how to treat his property and estate. It was written after his return from the Battle of Siffin.

  25. Directions to assessors and collectors of Zakat.

  26. His instructions to Zakat collectors.

  27. Instructions to Muhammad b. Abu Bakr when he appointed him as the Governor of Egypt.

  28. A famous reply to the letter of Mu'awiya.

  29. To the people of Basra.

  30. To Mu'awiya.

  31. Advice to one of his sons after returning from the Battle of Siffin.

  32. To Mu'awiya.

  33. To Qutham b. Abbas, the brother of Abdullah b. Abbas, who was the Governor of Imam Ali (a) in the province of Hijaz.

  34. Muhammad, son of Abu Bakr (the 1st caliph) was one of the favourite disciples and companions of Imam Ali (a). Imam Ali (a) had treated and trained him like his own son and had appointed him as the Governor of Egypt.

  35. When Muhammad bin Abi Bakr was killed in Egypt by the guerrillas of Mu'awiya through disloyalty of his (Muhammad's) own companions and officers, Imam Ali (a) felt sad and wrote the following letter to Abdullah b. Abbas.

  36. To his brother Aqil.

  37. To Mu'awiya.

  38. To the people of Egypt, telling them about Maalik when Imam Ali (a) appointed him as their Governor.

  39. To Amr bin Aas.

  40. To a commissioner of a province. It could not be ascertained as to whom it was addressed.

  41. To a Governor who left Imam Ali (a) and ran away with Public Treasury

  42. To Umar bin Abi Salama Mukhzumi

  43. To Masqala bin Hubayra al-Shaybani who was the governor of Ardshir Khurra (Iran).

  44. To Ziyad ibn Abih

  45. To Uthman bin Hunayf, the Governor of Basra, when he attended a feast given by a rich man of Basra.

  46. To one of his governors.

  47. To Imam Hasan (a) and Imam Husayn (a) after he was wounded by Abd al-Rahman b. Muljam whilst offered the morning prayers in the mosque of Kufa.

  48. To Mu'awiya.

  49. To Mu'awiya.

  50. A circular to the chiefs of his army.

  51. To the collectors of taxes and revenues.

  52. A circular about prayers to the governors of all the provinces.

  53. An order to Maalik al-Ashtar.

  54. To Talha and Zubayr (sent to them through Imran bin Hasin Khuza'i,)

  55. To Mu'awiya.

  56. Instructions to Shuray bin Hani when he was appointed as the commanding officer of the vanguard of his army, which was marching towards Syria.

  57. To the people of Kufa while leaving Madina for Basra. It is a wonderful epistle.

  58. To the people of various provinces

  59. To Aswad bin Qatiba, the Governor of Hulwan.

  60. A circular sent to those governors and State officers, through whose territory the armies of Imam Ali (a) were to pass.

  61. To Kumayl bin Ziyad Nakha'i, expressing his displeasure and rebuking him in...

  62. To the Egyptians. The letter was handed...

  63. To the Abdullah bin Qays, better known in history as Abu Musa Ash'ari, for his weak-faith and double-standards.

  64. A reply to Mu'awiya's letter.

  65. To Mu'awiya.

  66. To Abdullah b. Abbas. Ibn Abbas said that except the advice and sayings of the Holy Prophet (s) no other advice benefited him more than this.

  67. To Qutham b. Abbas (brother of Abdullah b. Abbas), who was the Governor of Makkah.

  68. To Salman al-Farsi, before his (Ali's) caliphate.

  69. To Harith Hamdani.

  70. To Suhayl b. Hunayf, the Governor of Madina (and brother of Uthman b. Hunayf) about some Madinites who had left him and gone over to Mu'awiya.

  71. To Munzir b. Jarud Abdi when he misappropriated something which he had been entrusted with.

  72. To Abdullah b. Abbas.

  73. To Mu'awiya.

  74. A treaty which Imam Ali (a) has worded for the Bani Rabi'a tribe and the Yemenites to agree upon.

  75. After the Muslims took oath of allegiance to Imam Ali (a), he wrote the following letter to Mu'awiya.

  76. Instructions to Abdullah b. Abbas when he sent him as his representative to Basra.

  77. Instructions to Abdullah b. Abbas when he sent him for discussions with the Kharijites.

  78. Abu Musa Ash'ari (Abdullah b. Qays) wrote a letter to Imam Ali (a) from the place where the decision of the arbitration (after Siffin) took place. Imam Ali (a) wrote to him the following letter in reply.

  79. An order issued to his generals when he took over rulership of the Muslim State.


الرسالة  1 : إلى أهل الكوفة، عند مسيره من المدينة إلى البصرة
الرسالة  2 : إليهم، بعد فتح البصرة
الرسالة  3 : لشريح بن الحارث قاضيه
الرسالة  4 : إلى بعض أُمراء جيشه
الرسالة  5 : إلى الاشعث بن قيس عامل أذربيجان
الرسالة  6 : إلى معاوية
الرسالة  7 : إليه أيضاً
الرسالة  8 : إلى جرير بن عبدالله البجلي لما أرسله إلى معاوية
الرسالة  9 : إلى معاوية
الرسالة  10 : إليه أيضاً
الرسالة  11 : ومن وصية
الرسالة  12 : لمعقل بن قيس الرياحي
الرسالة  13 : إلى أمير ين من أُمراء جيشه
الرسالة  14 : لعسكره قبل لقاء العدوبصفّين
الرسالة  15 : اللَّهُمَّ إِلَيْكَ أَفْضَتِ
الرسالة  16 : لاصحابه عند الحرب
الرسالة  17 : إلى معاوية، جواباً عن كتاب منه
الرسالة  18 : إلى عبد الله بن العباس وهو عامله على البصرة
الرسالة  19 : إلى بعض عماله
الرسالة  20 : إلى زياد بن أبيه
الرسالة  21 : إليه أيضاً
الرسالة  22 : إلى عبدالله بن العباس
الرسالة  23 : قاله قُبَيْلَ موته لمّا ضربه ابن ملجم على سبيل الوصية
الرسالة  24 : بما يُعمل في أمواله، كتبها بعد منصرفه من صفين
الرسالة  25 : كان يكتبها لمن يستعمله على الصدقات
الرسالة  26 : إلى بعض عمّاله، وقد بعثه على الصدقة
الرسالة  27 : إلى محمد بن أبي بكر حين قلّده مصر
الرسالة  28 : إلى معاوية جواباً
الرسالة  29 : إلى أهل البصرة
الرسالة  30 : إلى معاوية
الرسالة  31 : للحسن بن علي(عليه السلام)، كتبها إليه بـ "حاضرين"
الرسالة  32 : إلى معاوية
الرسالة  33 : إلى قُثَمَ بن العبّاس، وهو عامله على مكّة
الرسالة  34 : إلى محمد بن أبي بكر
الرسالة  35 : إلى عبدالله بن العباس، بعد مقتل محمّد بن أبي بكر بمصر
الرسالة  36 : في ذكر جيش أنفذه إلى بعض الاعداء، وهو جواب كتاب كتبه إليه أخوه عقيل بن أبي طالب
الرسالة  37 : إلى معاوية
الرسالة  38 : إلى أهل مصر، لما ولّى عليهم الاشتر رحمه الله
الرسالة  39 : إلى عمروبن العاص
الرسالة  40 : إلى بعض عماله
الرسالة  41 : إلى بعض عماله
الرسالة  42 : إلى عمر بن أبي سلمة المخزومي
الرسالة  43 : إلى مصقلة بن هُبَيرة الشيباني
الرسالة  44 : إلى زياد بن أبيه
الرسالة  45 : إلى عثمان بن حنيف الانصاري
الرسالة  46 : إلى بعض عمّاله
الرسالة  47 : للحسن والحسين(عليهم السلام)
الرسالة  48 : إلى معاوية
الرسالة  49 : ومن كتاب له(عليه السلام) إليه
الرسالة  50 : إِلى أمرائه على الجيوش
الرسالة  51 : إلى عماله على الخراج
الرسالة  52 : إلى أمراء البلاد في معنى الصلاة
الرسالة  53 : كتبه للاشتر النَّخَعي رحمه الله
الرسالة  54 : إلى طلحة والزبير، مع عمران بن الحصين الخزاعي
الرسالة  55 : إلى معاوية
الرسالة  56 : وصىّ به شريح بن هانىء
الرسالة  57 : إلى أهل الكوفة
الرسالة  58 : إلى أهل الامصار
الرسالة  59 : إلى الاسود بن قُطْبَةَ صاحب جند حُلوان
الرسالة  60 : إلى العمال الذين يطأ عمَلَهُمْ الجيشُ
الرسالة  61 : إلى كميل بن زياد النخعي
الرسالة  62 : إلى أهل مصر
الرسالة  63 : إلى أبي موسى الاشعري
الرسالة  64 : كتبه إلى معاوية، جواباً عن كتاب منه
الرسالة  65 : إليه أيضاً
الرسالة  66 : إلى عبدالله بن العباس رحمه الله
الرسالة  67 : إلى قُثَمِ بن العباس(رحمه الله)
الرسالة  68 : إلى سلمان الفارسي(رحمه الله)
الرسالة  69 : إلى الحارث الهَمْدَاني
الرسالة  70 : إلى سهل بن حُنَيف الانصاري
الرسالة  71 : إلى المنذر بن الجارود العَبْدي
الرسالة  72 : إلى عبدالله بن العباس
الرسالة  73 : إلى معاوية
الرسالة  74 : بين اليمن وربيعة
الرسالة  75 : إلى معاوية في أول ما بويع له بالخلافه
الرسالة  76 : لعبد الله بن العباس
الرسالة  77 : لَهُ لما بعثه للا حتجاج على الخوارج
الرسالة  78 : إلى أبي موسى الاشعري
الرسالة  79 : لما استُخْلِف